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There are many things you can do in NuDe! Do you want to help out planning and organizing the coolest events? Are you enthusiastic about the student’s rights and wellbeing? Or how about creating the crazyest visuals? There is something for everyone. New committees are chosen in the end of the year, after the general fall meeting!

Communications committee

The communications team is a perfect place for anyone interested in fun photography or graphic design projects!


APU-IE or Host helpers are a crucial part of making awesome events happen!

Outreach committee

The outreach committee helps gather sponsors for the association & makes sure that our beloved Vappujackets go to good hands!

Annual ball committee 

The annual ball committee gets to plan the biggest, most sparkly party of NuDe's year!

Kuukautiset Committee

The Kuukautiset committee is the perfect community that helps plan and organise chill, down-to-earth events hosted in Otaneum

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