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Student advocacy is one of the most important tasks for NuDe. NuDe’s advocates, who are elected to the board at the end of each year, are responsible for a fair and functioning study environment for every design student. Advocates also act as conversation starters between the faculty of design and its students. In fact, one mission for NuDes advocacy has been to make the decision-making more transparent for the entire student body. You can always contact student advocates if something concerning studies or faculty arrangements is troubling your mind.

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Lucas Jordi Lassenius

BA Advocate

Roles and structures where student advocacy happens

The Department of Design

(Muotoilun laitos)
In addition to the board, NuDe advocates also meet with the Department of Design aka DoD. Matters like improving the student home bases and arranging the annual Quality Party have been on the table in meetings.


The Study Council

(In Finnish 'opintoneuvosto' aka OPN)

NuDe advocates also take part in meetings of the Study Council where they talk over current study-related topics with other Aalto advocates.  

You don’t always have to be a student advocate in order to make a difference. Student representatives in administration aka hallopeds come together to cover various study programs and faculty-related improvement ideas together with faculty representatives. Also, NuDe's advocates have traditionally taken part in the organs covering matters important for the Faculty of Design. Of these, the Academic Committee of Arts, Design and Architecture (in Finnish 'Taiteiden ja suunnittelun korkeakoulun akateeminen komitea'  aka TSAK) is one of the most significant ones. Its area of responsibility covers making proposals concerning the university-specific curriculum, degree requirements, and admission criteria, to name a few. The application period to all the positions is open for all students and is held at the end of each calendar year. For more information on the matter, please visit

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