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Harassment Contant Person

Message from NuDe's Safer Space Committee:



We are NuDe’s Safer Space Committee, and we want to make sure that you feel safe in our and now your community. The committee consists of members who are trained as Harassment Contact People (HCP). Our role is to prevent and intervene in harassment situations within the student and association community. We are responsible for ensuring the safety and well-being of participants at events and other activities and act as points of contact for anyone who experiences or witnesses harassment. We can provide support, listen impartially, help identify and address inappropriate conduct, and can refer individuals to other services if needed.


What is harassment?


Harassment is defined as various forms of inappropriate conduct that negatively affect individuals and create an unsafe or hostile environment. It can take the form of sexual harassment, offensive jokes, hate speech, offensive images, marginalization, physical violence, stalking, and intimidation or pressuring. 


What to do if you experience or witness a harassment situation? 


These behaviours should not be tolerated and if they occur you can contact directly one of the below HCPs or fill out the complaint form by accessing the QR code. By filling out the form, you can decide to share your contact or stay anonymous. If we have your contact, we will get back to you as soon as possible and we can support you, mediate a conflict or provide guidance and resources. We can also help you with guidance for example to contact police, if needed. You can also contact us if you’re afraid you’ve offended or acted inappropriately toward someone else and would like to see how to fix it.


Overall, the HCP's role is to support individuals, mediate conflicts, provide resources, and ensure a safe and inclusive environment within the NuDe and our community. Be mindful of yourself and others and respect others in the community. We wish you a fun and exciting start of studies!

Contacts of Safer Space Committee:


Bartek Rey (he/him)

Telegram: @bartekrey


Lang.: English, Polish


Nici Kajander (she/her)

Telegram: @coelinec


Lang.: Finnish, English


Ken Simmons (Any)

Telegram: @KennDoubleN


Lang.: English


Nina Zdral (she/her)

Telegram: @ninazdral


Lang.: English + Polish


Lù / 璐 (they/them)

Telegram: @lu_isanameof_gem


Lang.: Chinese Mandarin, English, Japanese


Vitória Freitas (she/her)

Telegram: @vitoriafreitas


Lang.: English + Portuguese + Italian


Zina Marpegan (they/them)

Telegram: @algoasi


Lang.: Spanish, English

Mari Keskiivari (she/her)

Telegram: @marikeskiivari


Lang.: Finnish, English

Useful contacts:


AYY Equity Officers Contact -  

Police helpline: +358 (0)295 419 800

Emergency number: 112

General contact and complaint form (Link or QR):

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