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NuDe organises a variety of student events - from our sitsits, monthly kuukautisets, and even our grand Annual Ball. Make sure you don't miss any of them! 

You can find all of our up coming events, and participation information on the calendar. Add it to your own Google calendar here

Wednesday Coffee

Join us for weekly (free) coffee & chat sessions in Otaneum!

It is open for all NuDe members :) 


Traditional Sitsit

We have many traditional events that we host throughout the year!

- Misunderstood Sitsit (Apr)

- Problem-Oriented Sitsit (June)

- Freshman Sitsit (Sept)


This is NuDe's biggest event where we celebrate our members, board and association! It happens every October.



Monthly chill events hosted in Otaneum by our Kuukautiset Committee! Some of our past events have been sewing nights, karaoke, movie nights, etc!


We visit our main sponsors for job prospects, seminars and workshops! Happens a couple times a year!


Boot(y) Camp

A weekend camping trip for freshman students! We venture into Sipoo to AK guild's cottage!

Seglar till Stockholm

A trip to Stockholm with our NuDe friends to visit the Stockholm furniture & light fair! Keep an eye out for information in February!

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