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This page is dedicated for information for future website editors. For questions and help ask Anna on telegram at @annavienamo .

This page includes:

1. General guidelines

2. Yearly updates

3. Instructions for enbeding elements

4. Future possibilities

1. General guidelines

- as little features/info that needs to be updated in the wix editor. Most things should be updatable as a part of our board work, not as an extra workload.

- Simpple is beatiful. minimal visuals: minimal work

- Remember to check the mobile wiev when making changes

2. Yearly updates

I have tried to keep the amount of time specific information to the minimun, but there are few things that need to be updated every year on this page. They are listed started from the beginning of the year.

2.1. Board contact information (January)

When the new board is lecetd the contact information has to be updated. There is contact info on the 'contacts' page and on 'Outreach'. On all the other pages I have avoided putting any personal info ("please contact the advocates" in stead of writing anyones name/email/telegram) .

2.2. Freshmenguide (July-September)

A new freshmenguide is realesed every year.

2.3. Jacket applications: (August-September)

When the new jackes arrive the application form system needs to be reconsidered according to how the process is run that year. (Now the wix form is connected to my own email, next year it should probably be someone elses)


2.4. Board/committee application forms: (September-November)

Needs to be reconsidered according to how the process is run that year.

2.5. About page documents: (November-December)

The action plan & budget plan on the about page should be updated as new ones are excepted in the Generall Fall meeting.

3. Instructions for enbeding elements

Google Calendar:

Google Forms:

Google Sheets:

4. Future possibilities

Updating the Wix plan to a business and e-commerce version to enable payments through the site. We could that way sell jackets and merch directly.

NuDe feed

Google From forms to wix own forms (?)

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