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Eettiset pelisäännöt

1. No hate speech

    - We don’t allow racism, homophobia, transphobia, misogyny, bodyshaming or other forms of discrimination in NuDe’s own or collaborated events. We don’t use language that is hurtful towards oppressed groups of people.

2. Zero tolerance to any form of harassment or violence

    - We don’t accept any form of violence both verbal and physical. Harassment includes ex. sexual harassment, unwanted attention, offensive jokes, hate speech, marginalization and intimidation/pressuring.

3. Be mindful of others

    - We respect and are mindful of others in the way we talk and act. We respect everyone’s name and personal pronouns and ask politely if we don’t know them. Accept the fact that not everyone wants to be the centre of attention, and that there are many ways to participate.

4. Respect boundaries

    - If someone says no, it is a no. In our events everyone respects everyone’s personal space and don’t get too close or touch them without consent. This includes taking photographs and/or uploading them — ask before you do it.

5. Don’t assume

    - We don’t make assumptions about others. We don’t assume anyone’s gender, sexual/romantic orientation, background, abilities etc. We don’t uphold damaging structures or stereotypes.

6. Step in if you see misconduct or ask for help from harassment contact people

    - If you see anyone behaving inappropriately or not following the NuDe’s Event Code of Conduct, step in or ask help from harassment contact people who can take over the situation. If you feel unsafe, always ask for help from the event hosts and harassment contact people.

7. Accountability 

    - We take accountability of our own speech and actions and we listen to others. Our aim is to discuss in a constructive way and give others a chance to grow if needed. If you are criticised for your own actions, please have a constructive attitude. Be willing to apologize and learn.

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