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The first ever NuDe Zine!

Our lovely nudelies got together at a recent September edition of Kuukautiset to create an amazing zine! You can view this collaborative zine here and even print it out for yourself with the instructions given below.   

How to print your zine?

  1. Download the Nude Zine file.

  2. Open it in Adobe Acrobat.

  3. Print the file in the booklet (kirjanen in Finnish) format. 

  4. If you are using Väre hallway printers and mobileprint, print the booklet as a pdf and send it to

  5. Make sure that the printer is set to duplex (double-sided) and does not flip every other page. Alternatively, you can also flip every other page of your booklet in Adobe Acrobat.

  6. Bind however you want.

Extra Tips!

  1. In the Bookstudio in Printlab, there is a handy stapler for booklets. Ask the workshop master to let you in to use it. 

  2. You can also use the guillotine in the self-service side of Printlab to cut the edges. Reserve a time from (after completing the online course “DIY Printing F008” from MyCourses)

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