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Honorary mentions

The Snowflake Honorary Awards are presented by the Nuoret Designerit ry (NuDe), the student association of the Department of Design at Aalto University. The awards aim to recognize and appreciate the dedication, hard work, and contributions of its members. The awards are categorized into three levels: Gold, Silver, and Bronze. 

Goulden Snowflake 

Exceptional contributions, leadership, and impact on NuDe for extended period of time

Significant achievements which enhance the reputation of NuDe

Outstanding dedication to promoting the growth and development of NuDe and its members.

Awarded only to individuals who have ended their student career in the Department of Design.

Silver Snowflake 

Active involvement in organizing, planning, and executing NuDe projects and events.

Demonstrating leadership and/or teamwork in the development and success of NuDe initiatives.

Serving as an inspiring role model and fostering collaboration within the NuDe community.

2019 Sanna Ahonen

2019 Elias Broms

2019 Juulia Holm

2019 Juulia Jämsä

2019 Inka Mattila

2020 Tuike Rantanen

2020 Ville Mansikkaniemi

2020 Ruut Launo

2020 Imran

2020 Iida Palosuo

2020 Serpil Oğuz

2021 Anna Vienamo

2021 Edith Kankkunen

2021 Ene Rönkkö

2021 Laura Hietala

2021 Nicole ”Nici” Kajander

2021 Ninni Laaksonen

2021 Ruta Serpytyte

2021 Sara Selonen

2022 Ilona Parkarinen

2022 Vera Rantamaa

2022 Jonna Eloranta

Bronze Snowflake 

Consistent participation in NuDe activities, events, and initiatives.

Demonstrating enthusiasm and commitment to the NuDe community.

Supporting other members and helping create a positive environment.

2022 Tessa Lehmussaari

2022 Mari Keskiivari

2022 Michelle Lauriste

2022 Alarik Rantala

2016 Tuukka Pykäläinen (Aavanlaki)

2018 Niilo Kämäräinen,

2018 Petteri Heinonen

2018 Edith Kankkunen

2018 Kai (Ida Kalsta)

2018 Turkka Keinonen

2018 Eveliina Netti

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