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Board positions

The NuDe board is a place to learn, make a difference, gain wonderful memories as well as lifelong friends. You can even get study credits from board work! Here is a description of each and every board position, please feel free to contact any of the current board members to ask more about their position!

Advocate (MA and BA)

As a student advocate, you get to help students and faculty communicate better.  There are two positions for advocates on the NuDe board, one for masters' and bachelors' advocate.

Fuksi Captains (MA and BA)

NuDe's Fuksi (Freshman in Finnish) Captains make sure the new students in the Department of Design settle in well through being their responsible tutors! They help students to make sense of student life in Otaniemi, understand the difference between Migri and Maistraatti, and much more. Fuksi Captains also support our tutors!

Hosts/IE (Isäntä ja Emäntä)

The hosts get to arrange various different events and activities with the goal of bringing our amazing members together. A few of the greatest parts of being a host are working with NuDe’s apu-IE (the committee that works with hosts on events) and also the whole Aalto wide IE committee!

Outreach (2 people)

Outreach is basically everything that we have to do with companies. The main task of outreach is to build bridges between the students and working life and to make money for the association while doing so. Concretely speaking this means organizing sponsorship deals for concrete products and career events, like excursions.


Coordinated money is one of the main reasons why we have associations and not just friend gangs that do things. The treasurer's work consists mostly of accounting and budgeting, which will look great on your CV!

Secretary / Space Manager

The secretary is in charge of such important tasks as writing board meeting minutes, and keeping our calendar and membership register updated. The position is combined with space managing, which is taking care of all matters related to Otaneum.


The NuDe communications manager is in charge of producing and spreading content in visual and written form for our members. The position includes things like managing social media and publishing our news!


The core task of the chair is holding the weekly board meetings, making sure the board is doing fine with their responsibilities and occasionally representing the association. The chair gets to be a part of and proudly witness many amazing projects throughout the year!


The main duty of the vice-chair is to fill in for the chair in case something happens. The vice-chair role is attached to another role and the board members choose a vice-chair among themselves in the beginning of their year.

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